Aalto Energia enhancing customer communication with Orbyt

Through our partnership with Sergel, the Orbyt platform will handle the invoice distribution for the Finnish energy company Aalto Energia.

Aalto Energia has chosen Sergel to handle their order to cash process. They offer invoice delivery, accounts receivable and debt collection services. Sergel takes the responsibility to run and improve their customers processes.

“As a step towards our goal to deliver affordable and clean energy to the Finnish market, we had to improve our internal processes. Therefore, we partnered with Sergel to handle the total order to cash process”

says Jukka Järvinen, co-founder and chairman of the board at Aalto Energia

As a subcontractor and a strategic partner of Sergel, Aalto Energia will implement the Orbyt platform for enhanced invoice distribution.

“As a part of our deal with Sergel, Orbyt acts as subcontractor for the invoice distribution. This will help us change the way we communicate with our customers”

continues Jukka Järvinen

The collaboration is a step towards improving the customer interactions and streamline their financial workflow. The aim is to optimize the distribution of invoices and offering their customers more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Aalto Energia is committed to their environmental responsibility. This partnership will not only benefit their operations, but it will also contribute to digital transformation and the broader goal of creating a greener and cleaner energy landscape in their region.

“By leveraging the expertise from both Sergel and Orbyt, we aim to provide our customers with a more intuitive and streamlined experience when managing their invoices. It also reflects on our overall mission as they are both at the forefront of digitalization”

Jukka Järvinen

Benefits for the Aalto Energia and their customers:

Time and cost savings

Automation of invoicing processes reduces the manual effort involved, leading to significant time and cost savings. The streamlined workflow also contributes to operational efficiency.

Real time visibility

Orbyt’s platform provides real time visibility into the whole invoicing process, allowing Aalto Energia to easily monitor and track the status of invoices.

Environmental sustainability

Increasing their digital distribution rate will contribute to environmental sustainability.

Scalability and adaptability

Orbyt’s platform is scalable and adaptable, ensuring both companies to seamlessly integrate future enhancements and changes. This flexibility positioning the companies for continued growth and evolution in a dynamic market.

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Erkki Apo, Senior Sales Manager, Sergel, +358 504 101 364

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