Orbyt video tutorials

As a customer of Orbyt you get access to a series of video tutorials to help you use the self-service solution in the most efficient way.

Contact your Key Account Manager or send an email to support@orbyt.tech to get a password.

  • Orbyt - first steps
  • Invoice search
  • How to find incoming batch for invoice
  • How to find outgoing channel for invoice
  • How to find recipient for sent invoice
  • How to check if invoice was sent
  • How to approve incoming batch
  • How to approve outgoing batch
  • How to cancel outgoing batch
  • How to recreate outgoing batch
  • How to resend outcoming batch by the same channel
  • How to add new user
  • How to send invoice by email
  • How to upload pending attachments
  • How to view batch log
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