HEM embracing innovation and digitalization with Orbyt

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, staying ahead means embracing innovation. Halmstads Energi och Miljö AB (HEM) took this to heart when they partnered with Orbyt, a market-leading integrated Software-as-a-Service platform, designed to streamline processes and elevate customer satisfaction.

Since the implementation in 2022, Orbyt has been a crucial part of HEM’s digital transformation, increasing their digitalization rate from 45 % to an impressive 75 % only by implementing the platform. And the number is increasing every month. This means a 50 000 SEK in cost reduction every month for HEM.


“Just by implementing the Orbyt platform, we’ve gained unprecedented control over internal processes and distribution channels. Orbyt gives us the possibility to communicate with our customers more effectively and tailor our services to their evolving needs”

Lars Rydberg, head of communication at HEM

Improving the customer journey

One of the standout benefits of Orbyt lies in its ability to enhance the customer journey. HEM’s goal of simplifying this journey has been greatly facilitated by Orbyt’s flexibility. Now HEM has the possibility to customize invoices according to their needs while ensuring compliance with legal regulations.

“We finally have the ability to influence our invoices, a capability we previously lacked. Though we’re still in the early stages after the implementation, the possibilities that Orbyt offers are truly promising”

Lars Rydberg

Trust and responsiveness

Central to the success of HEM’s partnership with Orbyt is the unparalleled support they receive.

“Orbyt goes above and beyond to address HEM’s needs promptly and effectively. We are a local Swedish energy company, despite not being the biggest company we feel valued and prioritized by Orbyt. This level of personalized attention is very important for us. With Orbyt, we are not just another client, but a valued partner whose success is prioritized”

Lars Rydberg

With Orbyt, HEM now benefits from streamlined workflows, enhanced visibility, and a newfound sense of organizational structure.

“Now we can operate with greater flexibility and efficiency. And we’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s possible”

Lars Rydberg

Data security

The Orbyt partnership underscores a commitment to data security and integrity. With cyber threats looming large, safeguarding sensitive customer information is paramount. By entrusting Orbyt with its invoicing and distribution needs, HEM not only ensures data confidentiality but also mitigates risks associated with manual processes.


Looking ahead there are still many possibilities for HEM. As they continue to explore the functionalities and possibilities, they anticipate even greater efficiencies and improvements in their operations.

“Our overall goal is to simplify the customer journey. We have just started, and we are excited to see what we can do together with Orbyt going forward”

Lars Rydberg

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