About Orbyt

About Orbyt

Orbyt was founded in Kristiansand, Norway in 2009 as a technology company focusing on multi-channel invoicing. Since then, we have grown into a leading provider of onboarding, distribution, invoicing and payments in the Nordics, with an expanding presence in select European markets. We now have more than 70 dedicated colleagues across eight offices, working hard every day to improve, optimise and innovate in the markets we operate in.

Our vision is to build Orbyt into the leading provider of digital invoices and payments across Europe. To do so we have a clear focus on applying our unique product proposition in carefully selected markets – driving digitisation for our customers.

We are focused on selected industries, where financial services are a top priority, along with utilities, media & telecoms, insurance and debt collection. We are primarily focused on enterprise customers, delivering a service that leverages our deep knowledge of the industries we serve, their needs and issues, and combining that with our product expertise within distribution, invoicing and payments. We mainly serve companies with large customer bases and transaction volumes that need to gain full control of their invoicing and payment processes, whilst also requiring assistance navigating a highly complex payment market.

Our approach is to take full responsibility for the processes that we are experts in, as well as growing with our customers and enabling them to expand into new markets. This approach has also enabled us to apply our technology to digitise and reduce customer friction for customers in the UK, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia amongst other countries.

Our story

Orbyt, backed by AnaCap Financial Partners, offers an end-to-end integrated SaaS solution converting the entire invoice to pay process.

Orbyt was founded in 2009 as EDIGard and has experienced incredible growth, becoming the leading platform provider of invoicing and payment services in the Nordics and parts of the European market. To realise Orbyt’s full potential, and to secure its continued growth, we partnered with AnaCap Financial Partners in 2022. Orbyt is headquartered in Kristiansand, Norway, with additional offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Latvia and the UK.

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It started out as a cost saving initiative, whereas today the mindset has shifted to the customer journey

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