Digital Communications

Connect with your consumer via their preferred channel

Orbyt enables digital communication to consumers and businesses through its multi-channel SaaS platform

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Digital Communications

Orbyt enables communications with your customers via multiple channels

  • Segment communication by channel, geography, demographics, or customer type
  • Optimise communication through channel prioritization and customer preference
  • Business logic generated automated communication via any channel

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Communications Features

Orbyt helps drive digitalisation and reduce your environmental footprint, while at the same time helping you to reach customers in their preferred channel

Illustration of text conversation - Orbyt communications


A multi-channel communication platform so you can always reach your customers. We connect you via email, mobile, print, and post. No matter what the preferred method of dialogue is, Orbyt has it covered.

Illustration of paper invoice alongside mobile and tablet devices - Orbyt Paper V Digital

Paper v Digital

Transition to digital is a process and it is not always possible to convert customers immediately. Our platform accelerates your customers digital journey with smart and interactive paper. Our roadmap provides your customer with clear and simple steps to move across to digital, saving on print and postage costs.

Illustration of computer screen showing Orbyt portal with different types of documents all being imported

Business Logic Generated/Automated

In the platform, our clients can configure fallback rules, segmentation, and trigger events for communication with customers. We provide real time visibility on all communications, so you can see the exact moment a customer interacts with your message or makes payment.

Illustration of server sending out smart reminders to different devices - Orbyt

Channel optimalisation

Orbyt continuously updates the portfolio of available channels, as well as integrates with new ones. Orbyt complies with the rules in effect for the respective channel at any given time.

Key benefits for clients

Customer experience and personalised communication

Customers choose their preferred billing and communication methods.

Reduce costly late payments and improve cashflow

Automated smart reminders and flexible payment options get your bills paid quicker.

Real-time analysis and reporting

View live billing status and discover actionable insights.

Dynamic Marketing Zones

Easily include upselling, regulatory changes or key messages. Reducing additional customer notifications and cost of change.

Prioritise valuable staff time

Manual processing is time-consuming and at risk of human error.

Improve CSR

Every single invoice sent digitally uses 25g less carbon than a paper invoice.


Why businesses choose us

Orbyt supports clients and partners with all their digital communication, customer journey and payments



Increase of new subscribers by offering a new digital onboarding channel


In yearly savings since implementing Orbyt


More digital invoicing since implementing Orbyt


Digital distribution rate. From 66% to 98% in six years


Carbon Footprint Reduction (Per document from paper to digital)



CRM/ERP integrations


Successful projects integrated


System availability


First contact resolution in support


Average Digitalisation Rate

Stats based on customer reporting


“With this module, we can focus on the customers and their needs. We are segmenting and sharing different messages, and of course, distributing these in the relevant channels”

Jorn Stromberg

Head of IT application operation and management at OBOS