Orbyt has years of Peppol experience

Orbyt is a leading Peppol Service provider with years of knowledge and experience within the network. Adopting Peppol for electronic document exchange in the B2B market provides a range of benefits that enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve compliance, and support global business activities.

Peppol (Pan European Public Procurement Online) is a network and set of standards for the exchange of electronic documents such as invoices, orders, and shipping notes in the B2B and B2G (Business to Government) markets.

Its standardized, secure, and scalable framework makes it an attractive solution for businesses looking to modernize and streamline their document exchange processes.

Years of Peppol experience

Peppol provides a standardized framework for electronic document exchange, ensuring that businesses can communicate effectively regardless of their ERP or accounting systems. This standardisation reduces the complexity and cost associated with integrating different systems.

Orbyt has been part of the Peppol network in Norway since 2012, the second operator in Norway to get approved as an access point. Orbyt has also received the badge of “best practice”.

”We have been involved in the entire Peppol journey in Norway. By having the “best practice” badge we keep a high standard when it comes to keeping our customers informed, about what’s been registered and not, statuses on transactions, receipts, and so on”

says Iselin Alnæs, CTO at Orbyt.


Orbyt is among the biggest access points in Norway based on the number of transactions. The volume of transactions is increasing every year in line with its customers achieving a higher degree of digitalisation.

”Much of the reason for this is because our customers want to become more digital, as well as new document types become available and more businesses start using them”

Iselin explains

Peppol is supported by a growing number of countries worldwide, making it easier for businesses to engage in international trade. The network’s global reach facilitates seamless cross-border transactions.

”At Orbyt we have great knowledge when it comes to the Peppol network, and we support all document types in the network. We also support customers outside of Norway, it is a pan European network and it is getting bigger every year with more and more countries using the Peppol network”

Iselin continues

Enhanced Peppol

Another product in the Peppol sphere, which is also a part of the Orbyt solution, is enhanced Peppol. A product that standardizes the transfer of payment files between banks and companies. In 2015, Norwegian banks changed to a standard format since there was a need to have a set of standard format being sent between the banks and payers. Therefore, enhanced Peppol was developed. It builds on the Peppol infrastructure.

With enhanced Peppol, the sender encrypts the content of the files, making it impossible to change the critical content before it reaches the recipient. It is a secure way to transfer sensitive files. In addition, there is a requirement for a detailed receipt run. You gain full control of the payment files in a standard format.


”We are pleased to announce that the enhanced Peppol product is now part of our portfolio. We are ready to deliver this improved solution to our customers”

Iselin confirms

Why outsource?

Electronic document exchange via Peppol allows for real-time transmission of documents, speeding up business processes such as invoicing and order fulfillment. This efficiency improves cash flow management and reduces the time to resolve disputes.

By automating document exchange processes, Peppol significantly reduces the need for manual data entry, printing, and mailing. This leads to lower operational costs, fewer errors, and faster processing times.

”Why should companies outsource? We see a clear benefit by outsourcing to Orbyt. There is a lot of changes happening when it comes to the formats; new versions every year, changes in the files, etc. And behind the Peppol infrastructure there is a validator. When changes happens, we dive in and see what the changes are and what it means for our customers”

Iselin says

”We are the experts, we have been working with this since 2012. Validation errors can be challenging. We can guide your company, and we can create valid files. We’ve seen which challenges our customers have, and we have created some standard functions to get files validated. We can enrich files together with our customers and help them with digitalisation”

Iselin continues

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