Recommending Orbyt as a trusted partner

Siili Solutions stands out as an AI-assisted developer committed to transforming businesses across various industries. With a presence in 8 countries and 19 offices worldwide, Siili Solutions has earned its reputation for crafting digital solutions that are not just innovative but also deeply impactful. At Siili Banking, the focus extends to being a dedicated R&D partner, pioneering the future of finance through cutting-edge technology.

”We help you find what is essential for your business, then we build it. We make IT real by designing, developing, and mantaining digital solutions in various industries like banking and insurance, automotive and public”

Tommi Hinkkala, Partner lead, Senior Sales Manager at Siili Solutions

Partner ecosystem

Siili’s ambition is to provide their banking and insurance customers with the best solutions, covering all functions needed to run a modern financial business. The development of modern cloud-based, API-first solutions provide new and agile options.

Their partner ecosystem presents an option to tailor made solutions; Siili Solutions can help customers find, deploy, and integrate best-of-breed solutions from the market. Orbyt is an essential part of the partner ecosystem.

”I was convinced of the Orbyt platform, their API-first approach, relevant functionalities, vast amount of invoicing and payment across multiple geographies, also their strong track record of helping customers in our focus industries”

Tommi Hinkkala

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