Take a green initiative for your business with e-invoice

An invoice is generated whenever the goods and services are bought. This is a crucial step to initiate the payment process. There’s strong evidence that going paperless and adopting an e-invoicing solution saves money for your business. These cost savings are matched by revenue generating and cash flow potential.  

It is estimated to use around 12 million trees to create approximately 30 billion paper invoices delivered across Europe annually. Additionally, the cost of paper billing, which includes people costs, stationary charges, postage costs, storage fees and also late payments – makes the cost per bill huge. Removing this traditional practice suggests the European Union (EU), will remove around three million tons of CO from our mother nature.  

Sustainability is one of the key factors for promoting e-invoicing. Many organisations in continental Europe and other neighbouring countries have already developed certain environmental policies within their overall corporate strategies and have encouraged the adoption of ‘green’ or sustainable business practices. By adopting e-invoicing, issuers are not only reducing the amount of paper used within their company but can also help optimise the entire supply chain. 

Go Paperless: Say YES to E-invoice

Environmental impact by going green with e-invoice:

Yes, it is a fact that the e-invoicing solution can help with your green initiatives.  

  • E-invoices help your business to reduce the use of paper and other related resources like harmful chemicals, which helps to create a better environment. Moreover, this prevents waste in the environment and keeps our nature pollution-free.

  • E-invoicing also reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and makes it environment-friendly.

  • Digital processing of electronic invoices reduces the carbon footprint of traditional paper invoices in comparison with paper. On average, electronic invoicing is four times more environmentally friendly than paper billing.

  • Going paperless is an environmentally sustainable practice. In the digital era, issuers and customers both have equally agreed to take the ‘green-friendly’ approach to have a better nature for our future.


To get more out of the e-invoicing system you must go through the key benefits of adopting e-invoice for your business.


How can Orbyt help you adopt an environmentally friendly e-invoice solution?

Orbyt case studies have explained that if an issuer go paperless and opts for e-invoice, there is a possibility to reduce 25 grams of carbon footprint per document going from paper to digital.  

We believe that this initiative has not only contributed to the environment but also helped to make benefits for the business. We support our clients to succeed in their digital transformation objectives.  


Our issuers across Europe say *:  

  • With the help of Orbyt, they could increase their new subscribers by 36% by offering a new digital onboarding channel. 

  • They could manage up to £2m in yearly savings since implementing Orbyt’s solution. 

  • They can access 10x more digital invoicing since implementing our e-invoicing services. 

  • The digital distribution rate is now 98% for their business. 

  • It is possible to get a 25g Carbon Footprint Reduction (Per document from paper to digital).

Visit our UK website to read more.


Orbyt offers seamless e-invoice solutions that allow your business to increase conversion rates, enrol your customers in their preferred invoicing channels, and schedule recurring payments. With the help of our potential invoicing module, your business can save up to 95% on transactional charges.  

Overall, an e-invoice is a smart and eco-friendly choice for your business that fulfils all your invoice needs. At the same time, it protects our environment and helps to build a better future for the next generation.  


Schedule a demo with Orbyt, for a demo on how we can help benefit your business by switching to this eco-friendly e-invoicing solution. 




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