Morrow Bank partners with Orbyt

Orbyt is pleased to share the news about going into a partnership with Morrow Bank. Orbyt will help Morrow Bank standardize its multi-channel invoicing process across the Nordics with one common solution for invoice distribution and payment channels.

Morrow Bank is a modern and fully digital bank with 10 years of expertise, with customers in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

«Choosing Orbyt as our partner was a decision driven by several key factors. From the outset, their team made us feel like a priority, offering immediate and insightful responses to our inquiries. Their dedication to providing the right resources showcased their expertise and commitment to our success. Ultimately, this blend of personalized attention, comprehensive knowledge, and competitive pricing convinced us that Orbyt was the perfect fit for our partnership journey»

says Eivind Østre, Transformation Lead at Morrow Bank.

Nordic expertise

Orbyt will provide Morrow Bank with access to all invoice distribution and payment methods in the Nordics with one single integration. Morrow Bank will have full control and overview of all document production. Orbyt combines a Nordic operating model with local expertise and capabilities.

«Together with Orbyt, we believe we can improve our invoice processes, and make it more efficient, especially in Finland and Sweden where we have room for improvement»

says Eivind Østre.

With Orbyt’s long experience in delivering our services to several customers in the finance and bank industry, Orbyt will leverage its existing knowledge to optimize the set-up and expand capabilities.

«Orbyt will push us in the right direction»

Eivind Østre continues.


A partnership

Orbyt is well known among its customers for being a proactive adviser and a sparring partner. We aim to help Morrow Bank with a multi-channel invoicing strategy, selecting the best and most cost-effective invoice and payment channels to optimize the invoicing process.

«We were looking for a partner who can manage and remove the complexity around the invoicing process. We aim to minimize time and resources spent on invoicing, and with Orbyt we get a proactive partner who can help us move forward»

says Eivind Østre.

Cost reduction

This is a good step towards establishing Orbyt as a technology leader across the European multi-channel digital invoice and payment landscape. Orbyt is an expert who can deliver one common invoice distribution platform across all of Morrow Bank’s markets.

Partnering with Orbyt will automate and standardize the invoicing process, reducing the total cost for Morrow Bank, while providing a cost-efficient, professional, and reliable service.

«We have high expectations for this partnership. Introducing eInvoicing in Sweden and Finland will improve cash flow and reduce time spent collecting and sending payment reminders»

says Eivind Østre.

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