HEM found a partner for the future

Halmstad Energi, HEM, have been supplying electricity, heating, cooling, garbage disposal and energy services to their city since 2006. In 2022 they partnered up with Orbyt to enhance their invoice and distribution solutions.

Working and thinking sustainably is an important part of everything HEM do. It is about their collaborations, choice of solutions, responsible purchases and not at least a safe working environment for the employees.

As a part of their vision and mission for the future HEM needed to change their invoice vendor.

Smarter customer communication


In 2021 HEM started looking for a new vendor for invoicing and distribution as they didn’t want to renew their deal with their vendor at the time. They wanted something more; they needed a partner to lead them forward and to help them make the right decisions in the complex universe of multi-channels, invoices and payments.

Orbyt is a market-leading integrated Software-as-a-Service platform providing a one-stop shop for multi-channel distribution. For HEM, Orbyt was an unknown vendor on the market – however, it turned out to be the perfect match.

”For us, you came out of nowhere, but it turned out to be the best fit for us. After answering all the demands in the best possible way, we learned that Orbyt was not only just another vendor on the market – but a partner to grow with”.

Christer Norberg, Project Manager at HEM

A partner for the future

HEM had specific demands covering everything from security, data storage, communications to IT-functionality and more when they started looking for a new vendor. Orbyt was able to fulfill every single one of them. In addition to the basic demands, HEM was not only looking for a distribution platform, but a communication hub.

”We wanted all customer communication to be sent from the same platform. Not only invoices, but even information from marketing, customer service and economy and other departments. And this is what Orbyt are giving us”

Christer Norberg

Orbyt removes the complexity and enables HEM to reach and communicate with their customers in their preferred channels, whilst enriching the customer journey. Orbyt seamlessly integrates with businesses existing communication strategy, removing complexity to implement the best possible user journey and customer experience.

”There are many vendors out there, delivering the same core product as Orbyt. But we experience the Orbyt team as someone who is genuine interested in our needs. And we needed someone who could help us move forward and make the right decisions”

Norberg continues

Great process

At Orbyt we focus on delivering a service to our customers that leverages our deep knowledge of the industries we serve, their needs and issues, and combining that with our product expertise within distribution, invoicing, and payments.

HEM was looking for someone who knew the market and industry well. The Orbyt approach is to take full responsibility for the processes that we are experts in, as well as growing with our customers. We want our customers to succeed, therefore the delivery from us is so much more than just getting the customers up and running.

”In order to help our customers to succeed, we have to go into the project with heart and empathy, to see our customer and understand their needs. In addition, we have to understand the needs of the end-customers and how they can get the best possible customer experience. We build a partner relationship with our customers and we want to be a part of their journey and success”

Linda Ronningen, Head of Project Management at Orbyt

The implementation project has been positive from start to end with HEM. Even with complex internal systems the Orbyt team guided HEM through in a good way.

”From day one you have been positive, proactive, optimistic, and very helpful. We are not experts, and therefore we needed someone to hold our hand and guide us through the project and push us over the finish-line. Which you did, and more!”

Christer Norberg

With Orbyt’s Head of Project Management, Linda Ronningen, in the lead, the team worked closely with Christer and his team throughout the whole project. And even when there were some issues and not everything turned out as planned, we found a good solution together.

”I’ve been working on many projects with different systems and problems. Linda and her team were asking questions and being proactive. Instead of putting all the responsibility on us, Orbyt was leading us through the project and was clear on what was needed to get us in production. Exceptionally good process from Orbyt’s side from start to end”

Christer Norberg

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