End-to-end integrated SaaS solution covering the whole value chain for invoicing and payments.

What to expect

Platform features

  • Seamless integration and connections

    A fully integrated Software-as-a-Service, connecting the customer's ERP/CRM system to payments and invoice distribution.

  • The self-service dashboard

    The self-service dashboard and APIs offers full control of document and invoice production, data validation, surveillance, business intelligence, and tracking – all in real time.

  • Handles complexity with ease

    The platform handles complexity with ease. Any data format, ERP, CRM or other software used across the industries we serve is handled. Receiving data from our customers, we optimise it in a way where it can be effectively used to deliver faster and simpler payment options.

  • Secure and certified

    Orbyt is a strong core you can rely on – providing unparalleled uptime in a secure and certified environment.

The specs

Our technical solution

Orbyt is a fast implemented, tailored solution adapting to your systems and your data source. Implementation takes six to eight weeks depending in complexity. There is no need for massive changes in your IT systems.

Solution highlights

  • 200+ ERP/CRM integrations
  • Self-service dashboard with payment status reporting and notifications
  • Unparalleled uptime
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Information and status feeds
  • BI & analytics
  • Single point of connection for all payments

Key benefits for clients

  • One stop shop- Integration into existing ERP and CRM systems
  • High security based on industry standards with continuous monitoring
  • Integrated portal for overview of invoice lifecycle
  • Reduced workload through payment matching and ability to access data and request payments from customers 24/7
  • Proactive communication with customers through real time payment status
  • Improved reconciliation
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