Comprehensive coverage of payment acceptance.

Reach your customers on their preferred device/channel and provide a smooth setup. Orbyt can combine distribution data with payment data, this gives your customers the option to pay an invoice immediately through payment methods such as direct debit, credit cards, mobile wallet, account2account payments and more. This will streamline and strengthen the customer journey and increase customer satisfaction.

Orbyt is integrated into more than 100 card and online payment methods across Europe and delivers an integrated open banking service. Our payment services can be integrated into customers’ homepages, my pages, native application or similar, to further lower the total cost of distributing an invoice and collecting payments. Orbyt is designed to be agnostic to payment service providers.

What to expect

Payment features

  • Simple and effortless

    Distribute invoices with a link to an intuitive payment page that lets your customers pay invoices in a simple and effortless way.

  • Customer preferences

    Automatically distribute personalized dunning letters and reminders based on payment status data from invoices with different payment options based on customer preferences.

  • One integration across geographies

    Handle complexity in payments with ease through automatic retries if payments fail, dynamic prioritization of payment methods and offering one integration across geographies.

The specs

Our technical solution

Orbyt is a fast implemented, tailored solution adapting to your systems and your data source. Implementation takes six to eight weeks depending in complexity. There is no need for massive changes in your IT systems.

Solution highlights

  • Handles wide range of payment applications and card service providers
  • Pay-by-link via interactive and informative landing page
  • Comprehensive coverage of payments acceptance
  • Automatic reminders
  • Connection to clearing houses and banks
  • Direct debit value added services, mobile wallets, card payments and account-to-account through open banking
  • One-off and recurring payments
  • Payouts

Key benefits for clients

  • Digitalize the customer payment experience
  • Minimize friction of paying bills
  • Increase sales with seamless user experiences
  • Reach customers where they prefer
  • Customize subscriptions services and provide a smooth payment setup
  • Proactive follow up of failed or late payments
  • Take distribution one step further
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