Orbyt supports clients and partners with all their invoice-related needs.

Leverage data on invoice receiver preferences to dynamically distribute with precision and speed. Orbyt helps drive digitalization, increase your cash flow and reduce your environmental footprint, whilst at the same time helping you to reach customers on their preferred channel.

The Orbyt platform offers dynamic multi-channel distribution. Using Orbyt as the primary method of channel selection enables more efficient digitization as Orbyt is integrated into many enrolment registers. In addition, it makes it possible for Orbyt to select distribution channels based on segmentation rules. Orbyt continuously updates the channel list and integrations to the various channels, adding new features and updates when they become available.

What to expect

Invoicing features

  • Orbyt connects to all relevant document distribution channels

    This enables you to distribute invoices, documents and reminders in all relevant channels.

  • Global network of invoice channels

    Orbyt is connected to a global network of invoice channels, suppliers and partners. Through Orbyt and our network you get access to digital invoicing, mobile invoicing, direct debit, digital mailboxes, reconciliation services, digital archiving, across markets.

  • Optimize customer communication

    Orbyt provides a responsive invoice design where you can personalize customer communication and collect data.

The specs

Our technical solution

Orbyt is a fast implemented, tailored solution adapting to your systems and your data source. Implementation takes six to eight weeks depending in complexity. There is no need for massive changes in your IT systems.

Solution highlights

  • Multi-channel invoicing
  • Full reach to all relevant invoicing channels
  • e-Invoices
  • Print invoices
  • e-Mail & SMS
  • Digital Mailbox
  • Messaging services
  • Template management & invoice design
  • Fallback tools
  • Master Invoice
  • Interactive presentation

Key benefits for clients

  • Reduced complexity in integrations through unified APIs and format conversions 
  • Segment invoices and communication by channel, geography, demographics, or buyer type
  • Optimized communication
  • Reduced costs
  • Optimized distribution through channel prioritization
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