Orbyt supports clients and partners with all their needs related to optimising the invoicing process.

Orbyt leverages data on invoice receiver preferences and our extensive reach to dynamically distribute with precision and speed. Orbyt helps drive digitisation, increase cash flow, and reduce environmental footprint, whilst at the same time helping to reach customers in their preferred channel.

Orbyt’s invoicing module enables a wide variety of ways to distribute invoices to consumers and businesses. In addition to multi-channel distribution, Orbyt enables value-added services such as:

What to expect

  • Template management and invoice design

    Orbyt allows the clients to update marketing messages on the templates via a self-service dashboard. The templates may contain static or dynamic zones. The invoice design and marketing messages can be tailored to different segments, based on data received from the customer, such as geography, demographics, or customer type.

  • Business logic configuration

    In the platform, our clients can configure fallback rules, segmentation, and trigger events for communication with customers. Examples are triggering manual approval for certain types of invoices, automatic fallback to a secondary channel for e-mail bounce, and proactively notifying either debtor or creditor if errors happen.

  • Dynamic multi-channel distribution

    Our clients sends invoicing data to Orbyt which is then validated. In addition to Orbyt's built-in validations, custom-made validation rules can also be applied. Orbyt (or issuer through configuration) will then select the optimal channel to distribute the invoice in. Orbyt continuously updates the portfolio of available invoicing channels, as well as integrating to new features on existing invoicing channels. Orbyt complies with the rules in effect for the respective channel at any given time.

  • Print & postage

    Orbyt covers the printing of documents and the handover to the postal carrier for distribution, for invoices and documents that cannot be delivered in a digital distribution channel. The postage costs are optimized by using several mail carriers.

The specs

Our technical solution

The core Orbyt SaaS is built on proprietary technology and does not rely on third-party software. In addition we take responsibility for our client's invoicing and payment processes by integrating payment service providers and invoicing channels on their behalf. Orbyt offers a tailored solution that adapts to your systems and your data sources, while still being fast and easy to implement. There is no need for changes in your IT systems. Implementation takes six to eight weeks depending on complexity.

Key benefits for clients

Orbyt helps drive digitalization, increase cash flow, and reduce the environmental footprint, while at the same time helping clients reach customers in their preferred channel.


  • Segment invoices and communication by channel, geography, demographics, or customer type
  • Optimise customer communication and marketing
  • Optimise invoicing through channel prioritization and customer preferences
  • Reduce costs by digitalising the distribution process
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