Customer onboarding

Fully digital customer onboarding to recurring invoice and payment methods

Enrol customers to their preferred distribution channels and schedule recurring payments.

Let your customers choose their payment method from direct debits, eInvoicing, recurring card payments, mobile wallets, and more.

What to expect

  • Workflow for enrolments

    Orbyt facilitates the workflow to recurring invoice- and payment methods

  • Mandate management

    Storage and look-up for direct debit mandates is available through the Orbyt platform

  • Account validation

    In the onboarding flow Orbyt utilises open banking data to validate that the account chosen by the customer is real and correct

  • Payment options

    Increase conversion rate by offering a comprehensive selection of digital invoice- and payment methods

  • Branding

    A customised landing page with the issuer’s brand, URL, etc., is configured to provide an optimised customer journey

The specs

Our technical solution

The core Orbyt software-as-a-service is proprietary to Orbyt and does not rely on third-party software. The external providers involved in the value chain are our hosting provider and the payment service providers and invoicing channels we integrate on the issuer’s behalf. Orbyt is a fast-implemented, tailored solution that adapts to your systems and your data sources. There is no need for changes in your IT systems. Implementation takes six to eight weeks depending on complexity.

Key benefits for clients

Recurring payments increase customer loyalty and satisfaction and consequently reduce churn. Digitalise the customer onboarding experience and enrol customers to increase customer satisfaction and secure recurring revenue.

Solution highlights

  • Multi-channel digital enrolment
  • Interactive landing and payment page
  • Comprehensive coverage of recurring payment methods
  • User identification and approval
  • Mandate storage, proactive look-up and management
Digital onboarding. Man with tablet

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