RiksTV saving time and increasing cash flow

RiksTV is Norway’s only TV distributor that provides digital TV via antenna, internet, and fiber.

Through their network, they can deliver TV signals to 98 percent of households in Norway. RiksTV is available through apps for Apple TV, mobile, tablet, and via online TV. With more than 100 employees, RiksTV are serving about 250 000 customers in Norway.

The Challenge

Prior to partnering with Orbyt, RiksTV experienced internal resource strains due to a significant amount of manual work required to distribute invoices. The slow process developing new features and functionalities led to the search of a new partner. Having a partner with a safe and stable platform was important for RiksTV when choosing a new supplier. RiksTV have a large volume of invoices going out, and they depend on everything running smoothly.

Through a referral, Orbyt and our SaaS platform was mentioned as a suitable solution, and the collaboration for the first project started in 2017. After a successful first project the partnership evolved into new and bigger tasks.

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The Solution

Orbyt supports large enterprises and partners with all their invoice-related needs. We help businesses reach customers in their preferred channels, while at the same time drive digitalisation, increase cash flow, and reduce churn.

Providing a seamless distribution and payment experience plays a decisive role in customer loyalty in the long run. It reduces friction and improves the customer experience, and at the same time free up clients’ internal resources with fewer inquiries.

”The Orbyt platform delivers a self-service dashboard that gives us full overview and control over our files and invoice-distribution. We spend 70% less time on invoice-related work compared to previous supplier”

– says Tomas Steen Olsen, Head of billing and payments at RiksTV.

RiksTV has chosen a combination of Direct Debit and e-Invoice notification. This gives their customers the option to view the actual invoice while the payment is done automatically. This service to their customers improves the customer journey.

“Direct Debit is by far the best option for us. Avoiding payment fees and reducing churn improves our cash flow – and at the same time removes friction for our customers. Onboarding new customers to Direct Debit is a priority for us”

– Olsen explains.

In cases where the invoice exceeds the amount limit set by the customer, a reminder is automatically sent out via SMS. This allows the customer to set a new limit and the invoice to be paid. This is also a service being handled by the Orbyt platform.

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With the Orbyt invoice template management, RiksTV can share information on dynamic marketing zones – without changing the actual template. Here they have the option to customise messages to different segments of their customer base.

“We use the dynamic zones of the invoice to give our customers relevant updates to our products and services”

– says Olsen.

People and support

Orbyt is a people-first brand that uses technology to solve client challenges. We see our clients before we see their business needs. While we offer cutting-edge solutions, our man aim is to nurture relationships and always offer the best possible support.

“We are very pleased with the quick response and high level of competence with the developers and support team at Orbyt. Optimisation of existing features as well as new solutions are being solved with minimal effort from our side. This again frees up internal resources for us to focus on other tasks”

– Tomas Steen Olsen concludes.

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