Reduce cost and improve cash flow

Chase and collect unpaid invoices in an efficient and seamless manner, improve cash flow and reduce the number of customer service calls.

A large number of invoices are not paid on the due date, which impacts the cash flow of the company. Chasing those unpaid invoices can be time-consuming and put strains on key internal resources.

35 % of calls into the customer centers are related to billing. You can avoid many of these inquiries by sending automatic reminders, which is a feature of our Orbyt-platform.

The main feature of the product is to remind your customers that they have an unpaid invoice. Combining reminders with payment initiation, will give your customers the possibility to pay the invoice immediately through payment methods like credit card and mobile payment applications.

Reminders will automatically send segmented and personalised notifications to your customers before or after the due date with an optional payment link, which improves your billing and collecting process.

Secure better cash flow by sending reminders

Why use reminders

The risk of losing customers is higher when invoices are overdue and extra fees are added. It is important to get the payment experience right. Doing so improves the customer journey and will have an impact on customer loyalty.

In addition to reducing cost and improving cash flow, by sending reminders you will minimise customer friction, digitalise the customer experience, and communicate directly with your customers. Read more on how to improve customer satisfaction.

Some key facts:

  • 19 % of invoices in the EU at any given time are overdue
  • 48-19 % is the range of invoices paid on time from the least efficient channel to the most
  • 2,8x difference in reminders sent when comparing paper invoices to direct debit
  • 35 % of calls into the customer center are related to invoicing

*Sources: Mastercard, Intrum, Visma, Betalingsservice

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