Increase customer satisfaction with Reminders

Did you know that 19 % of invoices at any given time are overdue? And as many as 58 % of Europeans who made a late payment say that they have just forgotten to pay their invoices.

By sending personalized and segmented reminders you will minimize customer friction, digitalize the customer experience, and communicate directly with your customers. Reminders is a feature of our Orbyt solution. Read more about the solution here.

Instant payment

The main feature of reminders is to remind your customers that they have an unpaid invoice. Combining this with payment initiation, will give your customers the possibility to pay the invoice immediately through payment methods like credit card, mobile pay applications, etc.

Payment initiation is an efficient solution for smart payments in all digital interfaces. The solution enables you to send a link to a responsive and tailored landing page in an SMS, email, or your company app. Read more about payments and customer experience here.

Be personal, relevant and meet the expectations of your customers, and remind them about unpaid invoices

Be personal

Payment is a part of the customer experience that many companies traditionally do not focus enough on. The truth is, however, that a seamless payment experience itself can play a decisive role in customer loyalty in the long run. The risk of losing customers is increasing when invoices are overdue and extra fees are added.

Be personal, relevant and meet the expectations of your customers, and remind them about unpaid invoices. Reach your customers in their preferred device/channel and provide a smooth payment setup. This will streamline and strengthen the customer journey and increase customer satisfaction.

Messaging provides you with the opportunity to communicate with your customers in an effective way. Timely and efficient customer communication is crucial to serve and retain a loyal customer base.

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