Digital transformation to enhance your invoicing and payment processes

Orbyt has the market-leading invoice and payment platform, which gives you one interface for all distribution and payment processes. With our Orbyt platform, you improve your internal control and reduce cost while reducing friction in the customer journey.

We help you automate, and make sure you get full control over the invoice processes. By using Orbyt you will spend less resources on the invoicing and document distribution to free up capacity for your core business.

The dynamic landscape for payment channels is changing faster than ever, with new players establishing a presence in the finance industry. At Orbyt we are constantly monitoring the market to offer the right channels to our customers. The Orbyt platform gives you access to all relevant payment channels to give you the best customer reach. With a single integration, you can send invoices and documents to any preferred channel, even across geographies.

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Reach your customers in their preferred payment channel

Ensure payment to improve cash flow

Avoid lost or unpaid invoices by offering your customers relevant payment channels. Let the customer receive invoices and documents in their preferred channel. It will increase the likelihood of payments on time and minimize distribution costs.

Convert manual and legacy payments to recurring and digital payments in order to increase payment rate and reduce costs.

Easy implementation

The Orbyt platform is a tailored solution that will adapt to your systems and data sources. There is no need for massive changes in your IT Systems. To ensure a safe and speedy launch we convert your legacy files to the relevant channel formats.

Reduce the cost of distribution

Choose a cheaper payment channel and reduce costs immediately. Orbyt will help you to organize and ensure easy access to all invoices and documents, and make customer service simple and cost-effective.

Minimize customer churn

Customers are trending towards digital, real-time, and mobile communication. Analyzing your payment costs and customer behavior will help you work proactively with payment channels.

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Orbyt will help you to organize and ensure easy access to all invoices and documents

Why do businesses choose Orbyt?

  • Single vendor integration
  • Use well-known legacy formats, no changes to existing systems needed
  • Integration towards all relevant payment and distribution channels is maintained by Orbyt
  • Offer your customers their preferred payment channels, and avoid lost or unpaid invoices
  • Enhanced customer payment experience and reduced churn
  • Reduced costs
  • Optimized cashflow

Get started with Orbyt

  • Scalable technology
  • Comprehensive applications and services
  • Multi-channel
  • Multi-country