AnaCap Financial Partners takes full ownership of Orbyt

Since Nets’ acquisition in 2017, Orbyt has seen a strong commercial development, especially within the last two years, with annual growth rates of close to 20%.

To realise Orbyt’s full potential, and to secure its continued growth and profitability, we have decided to partner with AnaCap Financial Partners, a European private equity company specialised in investing in the financial sector, to take over the full ownership of Orbyt.

In AnaCap Financial Partners we have found an excellent match that we believe will bring further growth and prosperity to the Orbyt business. The new ownership structure will bring the increased focus and level of investments into the development of the Orbyt value proposition and market positioning.

All employees at Orbyt will continue in their current roles, and Orbyt will retain its name and brand identity. The Denmark-based and Oslo-based employees of Orbyt will move to an office location outside Nets. All other Orbyt employees in Norway will remain working from their current office location in Kristiansand. Orbyt will continue to provide its services to Nets and our customers as an external business partner.

This transfer of ownership will have no impact on our existing customers, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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