Presenting Orbyt in Finland

Orbyt has been operating in Finland for the past eight years. As a result of continued growth and expanding possibilities, we are excited to present the milestone of establishing our office in Helsinki a year ago.

Despite Finns being a tech-savvy nation, the other Nordic countries are ahead of Finland in digital B2C invoice distribution.  To help tackle this challenge, we have added functionality and features to our highly adaptable SaaS-based invoicing and payment platform to meet the market’s requirements and to further support our Finnish customer base.  Some of the largest Finnish companies within energy and banking are relying on Orbyt technology and expertise to digitise their consumer customer journey.

Being directed by Peter Tigerman, our team typically works with companies with complex invoicing needs. Our focus is to bring a smart future of invoicing and payments aligned with the market trends.

“We see a great possibility to execute customised, smart B2C  invoicing and customer communication in the Finnish market”

says Peter Tigerman, Nordic Sales Director.

Our Helsinki office has been in business since October 2022. Here in Finland, our experienced Sales Managers are contributing with their extensive knowledge in this industry.

Meet Our Team:

Olli Pekkarinen: Sales Manager


Olli has over 12 years of experience of contributing to his customers’ success by improving their cash flow by debt collection and invoice lifecycle management services.

Niko Kyto: Sales Manager


Niko has worked in tech sales for more than a decade, helping customers automate and improve their finance processes in P2P, O2C and Cash Management.

Orbyt sales managers in Finland

Niko and Olli choosing sustainable transport between meetings.

As a result of ever-increasing costs in print & postage, leading companies are taking steps to improve their invoicing tools to better accommodate with markets’ needs and current technological trends. This is done with real-time integrations between invoicing systems and distribution, offering user-friendly payment alternatives with payment options familiar from online shopping and peer-to-peer payments that compliment the existing infrastructure of traditional e-invoicing.

Many leading invoicing system vendors are moving towards integrating Orbyt using our developer-friendly APIs, benefiting their own customers and adding value to the end-customer lifecycle.

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